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The age old debate on "What makes a zombie?" and "Where do zombies come from?" is typically divided into several scientific theories or ways of thought. Zombie Reference investigates all zombie theories.

  • Zombies result from a Viral Infection
  • Zombies result from genetic mutation
  • Zombies are an evolving species of human

Educate yourself and form your own theory.

Origins of Zombies

Sometimes the most valuable scientific discoveries come unexpectedly and from unlikely places. 

Odontologists play a vital role in the study of bite marks, these studies have led to ground-breaking discoveries and insights into the origins of zombies.

Advanced dental modeling, combined with genetic research on existing zombie specimen has led to...

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About Zombie Reference

Zombie Reference is dedicated to unraveling the mystery of the zombie and delivering zombie facts and zombie truths to the general public. Our focus on disproving Zombie Myths, currently circulating the internet, news, movies and television, have made zombie reference the world's premier source for zombie information. Our team of world-class scientists, researchers and forensic examiners have devoted decades of research in support of unveiling real facts and hard evidence on the modern zombie.

We have various zombie research facilities around the globe and operate solely on private research funding. 

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Latest News

Zombie Reference Scientists discover genetic link and get one step closer to revealing the origins of zombies

After decades of extensive research, scientists at Zombie Research Oslo facility have discovered conclusive evidence that may provide answers to the origin of zombies...

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Careers at Zombie Reference

  • Are you looking for a new and exciting career opportunity?
  • Do you posses extensive knowledge of Zombies?
  • Do you have a background in chemistry, genetics, geneology or forensics?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, Zombie Reference may have a seat reserved for you on our team of zombie research specialists and scientists!

Our candidates must pass rigorous screening to be eligible for employment to include, but not limited to: Credit History, DNA Sampling, Mental Screening as well as Zombie Knowledge.

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